A. Health Information Websites
A1. My-Diabetes-Control

       Permanent Diabetes Control
A new diabetes-control treatment stabilized blood glucose levels, insulin dose cut by 60%, hemoglobin a1c dropped from a high-risk 12% to a stunning 6.2%, and reversed critical heart disease without surgery. Also visit our diabetes shop.

A2. My-Diabetes-Shop
Buy diabetes products incredibly cheap through our diabetes shop: medications, glucose monitors, cholesterol monitors, blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, fat loss monitors, ebooks, books, diabetes supplies and others.

A3. SiDiary Diabetes Log Book
SiDiary makes the control of diabetes so much easier. Data capturing is a cinch and analysis will help to improve your therapy.

A4. 10 Best Keto Supplements
Top 10 Best Keto is independent ketogenic supplement review website where editor compare the various exogenous keto product and come up with best product to select, Read Top 10 Best Keto to get in-depth idea about keto diet and best supplements before you buy.


B. Free Web Directories
B1. Health Directory
GateHealth.com Online health directory including alternative medicine, equipment and supplies, health care products, yoga, beauty, long term care, fitness, dentistry, women's health and more.

B2. BlackRefer Web Directory
BlackRefer.com is the largest online directory for locating black websites. There are diverse categories to get your website listed with maximum exposure.  


C: Psychic Websites
C1. BEST ASTROLOGER IN AHMEDABAD: Panchmukhi Jyotish is a Top Astrologer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India to solve all kinds of problems by mobile. You can directly contact him at 9714121527.







Dr. RK's Publications

The following are 5 excellent and extremely useful health books written by Dr. RK who successfully reversed his own diseases, disorders and/or conditions. If you are suffering from chronic diabetes, obesity, overweight, sleep apnea and chronic insomnia, these books will teach you all the fundamentals and everything you need to know on how to take care of your health at home before seeking any medical treatment. By adopting the concepts illustrated in these books, outlined by Dr. RK, you can cure your diseases, disorders or conditions alone at home by understanding the root causes and by applying natural treatments without ever using expensive medications. You can even reverse these disorders permanently by working alone at the comfort of your home. The Drinking Water Guide is the 426-page wealth of information we ever need, and every household should have this handbook.
 - Prime Publishing Co.


                1. Permanent Diabetes Control (Book)

                2. Reversing Obesity (Book)

                3. Reversing Sleep Apnea (Book)

                4. Reversing Insomnia (Book)

                5. Drinking Water Guide (Book)







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