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Dentist Information
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1. Freedom From Dental Disease!
How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient (Gum Disease)

Beat Tooth & Gum Disease Now - Keep Healthy Teeth For Life While Saving Dental Dollars! With over 200 pages this is no skimpy report, rather, must-have information for you and your family. Heal Decayed Teeth, Painful and Bleeding Gums. Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy forever. No Dentist Visits Needed.

2. Unique Cure For Tmj, Bruxing and Tooth Grinding (clenching)!
Foolproof system to relaxes your face muscles and cure Tmj permanently. As soon as today! No Medicines! No Dental Implant!


3. The Bad Breath Report: The Quick & Easy Cure For Bad Breath!  Discover A Simple 96%-Effective Bad Breath Cure Developed By Government Scientists Using A $2 Mixture Of Safe Common Ingredients. This Is The Original Bad Breath CB Product!
Top Seller For 8 Years!

4. Stop Your Toothache!
Discover The Secrets Of Stopping Toothache In Minutes Using Stuff You've Got At Home Right Now!


5. What You Should Know About Gum Disease

Find out what you can do to defeat gum disease from home. My Personal Experience In Fighting Gum Disease and Gingivitis or Periodontal Disease that begin with bacterial growth in your mouth.



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Sports Training Courses
Downloadable eBooks from ClickBank's Secure Server.
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Golf Training

1. The Golf Beginner Guide
Targeted at the novice Golfer, the Golf Beginner Guide is a 270 page strong book full of valuable info. How to Play Golf? Simply follow our 272 Page Golfing Guide for Beginner Golfers and get started with Golf the Right Way. This publication walks you through everything you ever need to know about Golf, from the total basics to the advanced tips.

2. Better Golf Right Now - 397 Tips, Techniques and Strategies
"Better Golf Right Now" is a just-released multi-media golf instructional program that includes coaching.


3. The Simple Golf Swing Instruction eBook
A Simple Golf Swing that provides power, accuracy and consistency. Add amazing distance to every drive and cut your handicap by up to twelve strokes with the only instruction system proven to help almost any golfer break 80.


4. Official How To Break 80(tm) Golf Instruction Program
Because It Works! This Program Helped Over 100,000 Golfers Play Better Golf Regardless of Their Skill Level. Best-selling eBook and MP3 files for all golf skill levels.

5. The Golf Swing Speed Challenge
Golf Swing Speed Secret: This eBook Will Teach You Golf Swing Instruction and Show You How I Added 44.3 (Accurate) Yards To My Drives In Just 56 Days.

American Football

3. Youth Football Training
Ez Playbook is the place to find Youth Football Training that are simple and easy to understand from beginners up to high school. The Wing-T Offense for youth football is an easy understandable and easy to implement system.



2. Youth Football Training Resources
Two products to organize and successfully coach your youth football team-- Youth Football: A Coach's Guide for Success and the T Formation Youth Football Playbook. The complete guide on how to organize and successfully run a youth football team.


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1. Soccer Goal Scoring | Soccer Scoring Drills
The Fast Break Soccer practice book contains 120 soccer scoring drills and 20 complete soccer practice plans. Drills have coaching points and game applications. Designed to score more goals and win more games.



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1. Core Power For Baseball
Core Power for Baseball is priced to sell. It's well targeted ad copy attracts and appeals to baseball players and coaches, and converts well. Many baseball players are looking for an edge and this unique product supplies it.

2. Baseball Instructional Video Set - The Mental Game
This is a set of mental game training videos for baseball players, coaches and parents. There is almost 5 hours of interactive step-by-step instruction that will guide the player to new heights in the game of baseball and life.

3. Pitching 365
A year-long program for the serious pitching workouts. Offers daily logs and calendars to keep track of all the workouts/exercises/routines of this pitching workouts program.



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1. Off-Ice Performance Training Course
The first ever hockey-specific off-ice training product. HTUs "Off-Ice Performance Training Course" provides coaches of all age-groups with all the information, exercises, and sample programs they need to develop their own team off-ice training programs.

2. Hockey Speed And Power Training
Hockey Off-ice Training Manuals. These manuals are made by a former Nhl player and have been used by Olympic Gold Medalists, Stanley Cup Champions all the way down to 8 year old players.

3. Specific Off Ice Training for Hockey Goalies and Skaters   Hockey goalies and skaters need different types of off ice training. Hockey strength and conditioning coach Maria Mountain, MSc has created two specific off ice training programs - one for goalies and one for skaters.


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Martial Arts

1. Martial Art Lessons for Kids: An Instructors Manual
A Martial Artist With 21 Years Experience Finally Reveals His Greatest Secrets. eBook Reveals “How To Instantly Grab The Full Attention Of Your Youngest Students, How To Keep Them Focused Like A Laser.”


2. Street Combat Training, Street Fight Secrets Academy
Highly effective street combat & self defense system! Learn how to fight and defend yourself in a real life street fight! Beautiful professionally written sales page - huge 75% commissions - extremely high quality product!

3. The Ultimate Mma Training Workouts Strength and Conditioning Program  Top Mma strength and conditioning program for fighters and athletes. Watch Free Presentation To Discover How To Finally Get Endless Cardio And Explosive, Knockout Power While Training LESS Than You Are Now. Don't miss a second of all the Mma workout tips in this presentation. Be sure the volume is up and give the page just a few seconds to load.

4. Mma QuickStart : The Ultimate Mma Training Workouts Program for the Beginner!   One-of-a-kind Beginner Mma Training Program created by Ufc Veteran (Fighter & Coach) Jeff Joslin. More than 100 Videos, Follow Along audio files and more. Earn 75% Commission on every sale.



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